Can this replace nginx?

  • Hello I am a novice and I am trying to replace my current nginx server with this one. Will serve as a suitable replacement and may I have some help with the server config from nginx to acacia?

  • Hello Eric,

    Acacia can replace nginx in most applications, if not all.

    However, there is no direct way to convert configuration from nginx to Acacia. Both proxy servers may have slightly different in-depth specific options, while the basics (proxy) are the same. The official documentations provides a description of all the available features and a basic example configuration file is already included:

    My suggestion is to not just convert nginx configuration to Acacia. Think about what you need on your server, then just write an Acacia configuration accordingly.

    The easiest configuration is to proxy all requests for a specific domain. Just add it under servers and add the proxy URL. More specific pattern matching can be done using regex and rewrite. The regular expression will match your URL, rewrite will be applied and then the request will be proxied.

    If you need direct PHP support (within Acacia), please refer to the PHP section (under Options) in the documentation.

    If you still have issues while writing the Acacia configuration, please provide a detailed explanation of the result you want to get. Not the previous nginx configuration, but a description of what you need Acacia to do.

    Thank you!

    Have a sweet day! 🍯

  • This post is deleted!

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